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Family Law

Joplin Family Law Attorney

Jasper County Divorce Attorney

Anyone considering divorce is no doubt going through a difficult time and facing a number of uncertainties for what the future may hold. As a Jasper County divorce lawyer, Charles H. Lonardo understands that when a family is in transition, emotions run high and questions regarding the emotional and financial impact of a divorce are of paramount importance. In his family law practice, Mr. Lonardo handles a wide range of issues, including child custody and support agreements as well as requests for modifications to such agreements.

Joplin Family Law Attorney

If children are involved in a divorce, there is a tendency for both parents to seek primary custody; however, more family courts are looking at joint custody as the preferred arrangement whenever possible. As a registered mediator with the Family Law Section of The Missouri Bar, Mr. Lonardo is adept at taking a collaborative approach with families to reach an agreement that meets the needs of all parties concerned.

When parents disagree on what they believe is in the best interest of their children, it can be beneficial to have a lawyer who will truly listen to all the concerns of his clients, so together they can develop a strategy to meet their legal goals. Mr. Lonardo believes in working closely with his clients using a team approach to find the best resolution possible for their particular case. He understands that clients come to him feeling hurt and angry and unsure of what their future may hold, so he offers compassionate counsel and aggressive representation of their rights throughout their case.

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In addition to divorce and child custody and support issues, Mr. Lonardo’s family law practice also includes adoption and juvenile law issues, such as guardianships and other family law matters. As a high school sports official and past President and Lieutenant Governor of the Kiwanis Club, Chuck also understands the issues facing Joplin and the surrounding community. As an experienced family law mediator, Mr. Lonardo understands the need for open communication, including actively listening to the needs and concerns of his clients, in order to resolve family law disputes.

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