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Reputable Bankruptcy Lawyer Assists Consumers in Joplin, MO

Reliable guidance leading to effective debt relief solutions

There are countless reasons a consumer could be struggling with overwhelming debt. Job loss, business downturn, divorce, a sudden accident or a serious illness can ravage your savings and force you to depend on credit. When these circumstances continue for too long, the bills are no longer manageable, and it’s time to reach out for help. For more than 30 years, Charles H. Lonardo, Attorney at Law has helped people like you in Jasper, Newton and McDonald counties get relief through bankruptcy. If you are struggling with crushing debt there is no reason to feel embarrassed. You are certainly not alone, and help is available.

How Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy help strapped consumers

Bankruptcy law is intended as a remedy for honest but unfortunate debtors who need relief from financial hardship. For consumers who need debt relief, there are two types of filings: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called a straight bankruptcy and is usually the option of choice for families and individuals without many assets. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the majority of an individual’s personal belongings are considered exempt. If there is secured debt, such as a mortgage or automobile loan, these assets will be reviewed by the bankruptcy court for possible liquidation in order to apply proceeds from their sale to pay down debt. All other unsecured debt is usually discharged in about three to six months.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considered a debt consolidation or restructuring-type bankruptcy as it allows the debtor to consolidate his or her debt into one monthly payment. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often the choice for families who wish to stay in their homes but may be struggling to meet their monthly mortgage payments. This type of bankruptcy requires a steady income to meet the payment requirements set by the court. After three to five years, any remaining debt is discharged.

Trust a reputable attorney for your consumer bankruptcy filing

There are several “debt relief” schemes and numerous bankruptcy attorneys to choose from. However, many are more concerned with fitting you into their process than finding the right solution for you. I take the time to listen to you and review your financials so I fully understand your circumstances. I explain your options so you can make a fully informed decision about the best course. If you choose bankruptcy, I provide determined representation through every stage of the process to help you get the maximum benefit of the law.

Contact a trustworthy bankruptcy attorney serving Jasper, Newton and McDonald counties

If you are urgently seeking debt relief for yourself and your family, you can trust Charles H. Lonardo, Attorney at Law to provide compassionate counsel and aggressive representation. My Joplin office is at 430 W 7th Street, the historic Route 66, just one block south of the Jasper County Courthouse. Call today at 417-691-8238 or contact my office online to schedule a consultation.